Choosing Accent Walls

When it comes to color selection, everyone has their own unique taste. No matter the color selection, your choice of accents is always an important one. Just as important as the color you choose for the accent is where you decide to paint the accent. Choosing which walls to accent can make or break a paint job. The good news is that it is a generally easy logic to follow.

  • Walls behind a sofa or bed –8 out of 10 accent selections go behind a bed or sofa. This allows you to choose a more bold color as there is no intervention. It adds a pleasant aesthetic as well.
  • A unique structure or wall –Whenever you have a unique part of your home that is not something normally seen or known, you ask yourself if it is worth accenting. Remember, the purpose of providing accents is provide more life and color to a home and to also highlight areas you want to be seen.
  • Accent Stripes –Painting stripes on walls is actually a trend right now. It looks cool and is very unique. We just so happen to very good at painting them, so don’t hesitate to ask.
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