Home Preparation

How to prepare your home before your painting professional arrives

The key to any successful paint job is in its preparation; from both the painting professional and the home owner. The most ideal space for a painter to paint is an empty one, but that is not always the case. In order to allow your painting contractor to hit the ground running when he shows up on the first day there a few things you must do. The quicker the turnover the happier both parties are, so it is mutually beneficial to have a prop plan in place. First, you must decide which rooms you want painted first. Getting on the same page with the painter in terms of order of operations is very important. Then you must start taking things down from the walls and removing fragile items from the work space. Everything precious should be removed from the work space. We will center all large objects in the room as well as protect all surfaces that are not to be painted. Lastly, if closets are to be painted you must remove all items from the closets.

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