La Jolla Painting

Home to the University of California San Diego, rugged cliff sides, and hiking trails at Torrey Pines State National Reserve, La Jolla is definitely a sight for sore eyes. If you’re a homeowner or business owner here and you’re looking to redecorate or sell, you may be thinking about a new paint job. You would be amazed at what a new paint job can do for a space, and a professional job can make all of the difference. With these companies, skilled workers provide services for commercial, residential, interior and exterior jobs, making them an easy, convenient, and quality choice for your home or business.


If you are looking to sell your home or renovate your kitchen, a quality painting service can add value and style to your home. Studies have shown that the color of your wall can affect your mood. If you’re looking to sell, a nice shade of eggshell can convey openness to potential homebuyers. If your child just graduated from UCSB, and you’re looking to convert their room to a workout room, yellow can increase energy. Or if you’re simply looking to create a more relaxing and tranquil environment in your bedroom for when you get home from a long day at work, a calming shade of blue or green can do the trick. Professional companies with years of experience will not stop at just slapping on a coat of paint. Any reputable company will start by cleaning your walls, then comes repairing, sanding, and priming. After painting, they caulk and seal, ensuring that your paint lasts for years. Good service won’t stop there. Local companies know that the salty air and Southern California sun may have wrecked havoc on your home’s exterior. Be sure to find a painting company that offers professional services to not only paint, but also protect the outside of your home, combating moisture and mold from warping your home.


These companies will also take care of all commercial painting needs in La Jolla. Whether you need your interior or exterior painted, our company can provide special and quality services specifically designed for businesses. The problem with hiring a painting company that only works on residential homes is that they do not understand the specificity that a commercial space requires. While houses usually only need paint for material such as siding and wood, commercial spaces require the knowledge of painting on surfaces such as metal, stucco, and concrete that ensure a job done right. These painting companies should also understand that a business space will require more manpower and time that a residential space, and they will work around business hours on a reasonable timeline to get the job done. They should also equipped to handle additional services that a commercial space requires, such as sandblasting, surface preparation, and epoxy coating.


So if you’re thinking about painting your home or business in La Jolla, consider a professional company. They will ensure that the job gets done, and that it gets done well.

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