San Diego Commercial Painting Service



For the average Joe it may be difficult to delineate the differences between the services provided by that of a residential painter and that of a commercial painter. You may think, “Painting is painting, what’s the difference? And at a quick glance, you wouldn’t be blamed. It may in fact seem that the tasks they perform are quite similar. However, that is not the case. There are massive differences that must be considered between commercial painters and residential painters in the San Diego area.


The surfaces you are painting


Residential painters experience resides primarily with homes and other such living spaces. As a result, the vast majority of their work consists solely on materials such as wood and siding. Commercial contractors on the other hand often work with businesses in San Diego. This means that they have a vast experience working on a range of materials such as concrete, metal and stucco as well as the usual surfaces you’d find in a home. It should also be mentioned that there is special preparation, tools and paints required to work optimally with these other surfaces.


Size and scale of a project


Businesses are often significantly larger in size than a residential home. Consider the scale of warehouses, office buildings or skyscrapers and imagine the planning required to tackle projects this large. This increase in scale leads to a whole host of new problems: they need more man power; a team with specific tasks and specialized abilities in order to cover a larger area, they need to plan their time effectively so that they maximize their work hours, they need more materials or special tools. Any painter with experience and patience can paint a house, but taking on a large scale project is a whole other beast. Commercial painting companies have the experience required to meet the rigorous demands of huge paint job.


Timeline of a project


Residential painters often times work a regular nine to five, Monday through Friday work schedule. This is not ideal for businesses that are currently operating during the work week. As a result, commercial painting services will adapt and work around your schedule. This also means that they will work nights or weekends. On top of this, commercial painters can use their large team to manage their time effectively and are built to hit the deadlines a business requires.


Other commercial painting services


Residential painters services generally revolve around the prepping and painting of a house. Commercial painters, however, offer a variety of alternative services and specialists such as installing epoxy flooring or coating, sand blasting surfaces, power washing, electrostatic painting, surface preparation and a whole host of other things that might be necessary for the commercial installations. Your facility will inevitably have its own unique challenges for which a commercial painting service will be better prepared to tackle.


None of this is meant to disparage the quality of the services provided by residential painters, they are extremely qualified when it comes to painting homes. You would not visit a cardiac doctor to have your eyes checked, similarly, if you are a business in need of a new paint job, the ideal people for the job are those who specialize in commercial painting.