San Diego Exterior Painting Service


For the vast majority of people, especially for those of you living in coastal cities such as San Diego, your home is likely your most valuable asset. You probably had to work, save and sacrifice for years to even think of having a place that you could call your own, not to mention all of the time, thought and discussion that went into finally choosing the right abode. Because of this intrinsic value we place in homes, both monetarily and emotionally, it is important to not just take care of the interior of your home, but to maintain the exterior as well. Doing so will not only prolong its aesthetic appeal, but will also extend the life of your house, especially if you ever decide to sell at some point down the road.  One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this, especially in beach communities, is repainting the outside of your home. Now, some may groan at the thought of undertaking such a seemingly massive project, but the benefits, which we will consider at length, far outweigh the cost in time and money.


Increases Curb Appeal


There are many things one can do to improve a home’s curb appeal, but none of these methods are as effective as an exterior paint job. While you may not give a damn about what your nosy neighbors think of your home, or that particular shade of green you love so much, it is amazing what a simple re-paint can do aesthetically for your house. Fashion and style trends are ever changing and although, for homes, this obviously changes at a much slower rate, colors and styles do go out of style or become dated. The popular phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is an admonishment against human nature, because generally, that is what humans do; the vast majority of our decisions are made as snap judgments or subconsciously. The same goes for homebuyers. People who are looking to buy a new home often will not go inside if they do not like how the outside looks. So, if your house has a dated paint job, or is pealing, or trim-less, prospective buyers might just keep on driving.  So, if you are thinking of selling your home, a newly painted house can make all the difference. Even if you do not want to sell, a new coat of paint can transform your home from an eyesore to a jewel.


Increase the Value of Your Home


While this piggybacks partly on curb appeal, the most common advice given to people who want to sell their home is, “Repaint the exterior.” Effectively using color on the exterior of your home can add thousands of dollars to its market value. Economics 101, the best investment you can make are those in which you invest a less than what your return will be. Having your house repainted is one of these “good” investments, because the increase in value is typically far greater than the cost of a paint job. Further, we invest money into things we care about and realistically is there anything more important to us than the place in which we reside. Whether or not you want to sell your home, the personal happiness or pride you that can result from a simple coat of fresh paint can not be overstated.






Wear and Tear


Moisture can and does wreak havoc on exterior paint.  Snow, ice, frost, rain, and high humidity can all negatively affect the paint and while most of these are not common issues for sunny San Diego, one culprit wreaks havoc on the exterior of homes in beach cities- salt water.  The salty air that gives California its distinctive tang can cause paint to swell and soften, resulting in blistering, cracking, flaking, splintering and peeling. On top of that, the sun can make paint fade, and it can diminish the protection paint provides for the exterior as a result of paint erosion. On top of that, it does not take long for exposed wood to rot and if problems such as rot or mildew go unchecked and unfettered, the cost of replacing wood is far higher than upkeep and repair. Keep in mind that exterior paint has an expiration date that depends upon the quality of paint you use. Do not wait too long or it might bite you.