San Diego Interior Painting


One of the first alterations any certified Interior Designer in San Diego will suggest when brainstorming a remodel or redesign for the interior of your home is a new paint job. For those who do not feel like hiring a professional painting company or interior designer, slapping on a fresh coat of paint is without a doubt the easiest and cheapest way to transform the look and feel of your home. Doing so has several tangible benefits that we will discuss at length below.



One of the most common responses people receive when attempting to improve their home pre-sale is, “Repaint your rooms.” Whether you are selling your house or simply updating it, do not underestimate the transformative effect a new coat of paint can have on your room. Style and fashion is an ever-changing beast that flashes through trends at a seemingly breakneck pace. While it would be unreasonable to change your rooms colors as regularly as you do your hairstyle, colors or paint styles can easily become dated or fall out of fashion. A new coat of paint is a simple way to simultaneously update a room, while also expressing your taste or adding a personal touch to the feel of a room.



Though the reason for a link between color and mood is in many ways unknown, it is a scientific fact that color can have either negative or positive effects on one’s mood. Therefore, the color of the rooms you frequent can subconsciously alter how you think, feel or act and can create a brand new feel. Neutral tones can be applied in order to create a warm and inviting space, while brighter hues make a room more exciting or vibrant.  In addition, a white or light paint can help small rooms and spaces to visually appear bigger.



We wash our hands several times a day and we wipe, vacuum or mop our floors weekly, yet your walls can go without being sanitized for years. Obviously, floors accumulate more dirt and grime, but your walls and ceilings are likely dirtier than you would suspect.  A new coat of paint, when applied properly, will cover up permanent marks and stains and give whatever space you are working with a fresh new look.


During a repaint, the first tasks before you or your painter are to sand and clean all of the surfaces. The next step involves laying down a base coat primer. At this juncture, your walls and ceilings are likely cleaner than they have been since their last new paint job. After the new coat of paint is set, it works to seal out moisture; protecting surfaces from being saturated or being eventually contaminated by bacteria such mold or mildew. Paint can also deter dust, dirt, and allergens from gathering on the walls and ceilings. In more dated interiors that have plaster walls, paint can even prevent dust from forming in places where the plaster would have otherwise begun to disintegrate. Once the job is done, you will feel like the interior of your home is the freshest it has been in years.

If you are in San Diego and considering a remodel or simply desire to shake things up, do not underestimate the benefits of an interior paint job. Just a few days work or a couple hundred dollars can revitalize your rooms and take years worth of buildup and grime at the same time.