San Diego Residential Painting Service

If you are a homeowner living in San Diego, you know all too well the damage Southern California’s sunny climate and salty air can wreak on the exterior and interior of your house. Exposure to the element over time can cause paint to fade or erode, which in turn diminishes the protection the paint provides your home. As a result, not only does your home lose its aesthetic appeal, but a whole host of other problems may arise such as structural damage, peeling, splintering, blistering, mildew and rot. If left unchecked, these issues can transform small annoyances into huge and expensive problems. So, if you are considering a re-paint and debating whether or not it is worth it to simply do it yourself or go out and hire someone, consider the benefits that come when hiring residential painters in the San Diego area.

While you may think that painting either the interior or an exterior of a house is a simple matter, be assured that it is not. If you hire a residential painting company, they are responsible for more than just brushing on a new coat of paint. Professional painters are responsible for all preparation prior to painting which includes:


  • Cleaning the exterior – A complete wash results in a clean surface, maximizing the adhesion of the new paint to your home.
  • Scraping the exterior – removal of old paint and flaking paint so that your new layer can seal and not bubble.
  • Wallpaper removal – on the interior of a house, often times wallpaper becomes dated even quicker than a paint color.
  • Drywall or wood repair – during this process, residential painters patch holes, stain removal and filling nail holes or any defects with plaster or putty scraping, followed by a complete sanding of the wood to ensure the best long-term results. It doesn’t take long for exposed wood to begin rotting, but this provides an opportunity to replace any damaged wood.
  • Caulking – the application of flexible sealants to close up gaps against water, air, dust, and insects.
  • Drop and masking – our residential painters use tape, plastic, paper and drop cloths to cover or protect surfaces in order to avoid unwanted paint.

Once all of this is done, Finish Line will spot prime any re-sanded surfaces. We will then apply several finish coats of paint, including adding finish to all trim such as doors, shutters, windows. Hiring a professional residential painting service in San Diego will insure that all of the required steps are taken to insure that your house’s life is extended.

If you are looking to sell or simply improve your house, the most effective action you can take is painting it with fresh and exciting colors. The ideal goal is obviously to end up making your house look its very best. A crummy paint job, can lead to headaches that could be avoided by hiring professionals. This small monetary investment will increase the sustainability of your house as well as improving curb appeal, thus making your house more valuable on the market.